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Connecting with Bioscience Talent

With over one hundred guests in attendance, BCLA’s annual “Bioscience Talent Connection” successfully served its mission to connect postdocs, graduate students and life science professionals with the SoCal biotech industry. The event was held at the Ray R. Irani Hall at the University Park Campus at USC on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 and featured a career panel discussion, career workshop, networking lunch, company spotlights, and a career fair. Our Vice President Carolina Amador kicked off the event with opening remarks. The program started out with the career panel session in which Sara Madsen and Rachel Raynes (Amgen), Stuart Jaffe (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Kathryn Zavala (MedTech Innovator, and Stephen Glynn, (ZS associates) described their respective paths to their current professional positions and shared the range of activities they perform on a typical work day. Most importantly, the panelists described the qualities that companies seek in prospective employees. A great emphasis was placed on the value of interpersonal connections and emotional intelligence to succeed in an industry position.

Following the panel discussion, Octavio Avila from Dornsife Career Center presented an insightful workshop on professional networking. Attendees had a chance to connect with top LA biotech companies during the networking lunch to learn about current job opportunities. In addition, DxTerity, Cell Care Therapeutics, and Corning showcased different facets of the biotech sector by giving presentations on their research and unique products.

Overall, the event was inspiring to all, as it provided useful insights into the career paths of professionals in LA’s top biotech companies. As always, we would like to thank our guests for attending, our core sponsors CNSI and R&D Incentives group for their continuing support and all our event sponsors: USC Dornsife, Corning, AMI USC, Rx Research Services Foundation, Cell Care Therapeutics, DxTerity, Nantworks, Lab Launch, Xencor, LA BioMed, VWR. We look forward to seeing you at our future events!

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