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BCLA Consulting Projects


We offer expertise across life science industry segments, including oncology, neuroscience, and drug discovery. Our services include but are not limited to:

Consulting Services Background.png

Strategic Planning:

We provide comprehensive solutions to assist in forging lasting partnerships to achieve business objectives.

Indication Prioritization:

We systematically identify the most promising therapeutic indications within a client’s pipeline, considering clinical need, market potential, and regulatory landscape

Market Opportunity Analysis:

Our team evaluates market trends to identify viable opportunities and strategies to gain a competitive advantage

Commercialization Strategy:

We evaluate pathways to market for client technologies

and weigh their advantages to recommend an approach to commercialization

Patent Landscape Analysis:

We prepare comprehensive IP landscape analyses for

client operating spaces, while recommending an IP strategy

Technology Assessment:

We order meticulous assessments and benchmarking to identify gaps in existing technology and deliver actionable insights

Team Structure

For each project, we bring in exceptional graduate students with expertise across a wide range of life sciences industry spaces, recruited from top universities in the greater Los Angeles area.

BCLA Consulting Team Structure.png

Consulting Lead

  • Project oversight

  • Quality Assurance

BCLA Board

  • Project oversight

  • Quality Assurance

Project Manager

  • Primary Liaison with Client

  • Previous BCLA Consulting Experience

Graduate Consultants

  • 4 – 6 Consultants per project

  • Recruited from top LA universities for their subject expertise

Typical Project Structure

BCLA's Consulting projects generally span 10-12 weeks. Each project team is carefully assembled to suit the specific needs of the project, comprising of graduate students, postdoctoral scientists, and business students from leading research institutions in Los Angeles.

BCLA Consulting Project Structure.png



Core Project

Prior to team Creation

3 Weeks

Week 1

Weeks 2-11

Week 12

Initial Agreement

  • Initial project scope and goals agreed upon

  • Contract prepared and signed

Interviews/ Team Creation

  • Interviews with interested graduate students

  • Team Assembly

  • Training to assembled team



  • Kickoff Meeting between team and client

Team Progress

  • Weekly meetings between project manager and client

  • Internal Review by BCLA Board

  • Mid-project update to client



  • Final Presentation

  • Completed Deliverable

Why Pick BCLA Consulting?

Consulting Advantages.png

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Personalized Service

Tailored project teams to align with client’s needs

Members come from diverse scientific backgrounds with unique expertise

Expansive Network

Industry Mentorship

Novel Insights

Institutional Connections

Ability to leverage BCLA’s industry connections

Projects overseen by BCLA Advisory Board

We combine creative perspectives and scientific knowledge to generate practical solutions

Access to principal investigators and KOLs from top tier universities

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