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Conversations with BCLA Presidents: Celebrating BCLA’s 10th Anniversary

Welcome to a special commemorative series celebrating the 10th anniversary of Biotech Connection Los Angeles! Over the past decade, BCLA has become a cornerstone of the LA biotech community, fostering collaboration, innovation, and professional growth. To mark this milestone, we are shining a spotlight on the remarkable individuals who have led BCLA through its journey—our past presidents.

In this series, we will share inspiring stories from BCLA’s former presidents, delving into their motivations, experiences, and insights. To access these insightful articles, simply click on the images of our past presidents. Join us as we look back on the transformative contributions of these leaders, celebrate the community’s growth, and envision the future of biotech in Los Angeles. Here’s to a decade of progress and many more to come!

Dr. Stefanie Volland

Dr. Stefanie Volland

2014-2016 BCLA President

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