Our Team

We are students, post docs from different research areas, and young industry professionals who share the common goal of improving and facilitating communication between biotech industry and academia.

Our advisory board includes BCLA's co-founders and professionals from academia and industry, who help to direct BCLA towards better serving the biotech community and creating more possibilities for bioscience entrepreneurship in Los Angeles.

Biotech Connection LA Team

Advisory Board


Beheya Ahmed (Consulting Associate) 2020-2021

Eshani Nandi (Outreach and Media & Marketing Associate) 2020-2021

Angel Gonzalez (Media & Marketing Associate) 2018-2021

Asumi Suguro (Outreach Lead) 2020-2021

Stephanie Yeganyan (Outreach Associate) 2019-2021

Sadhna Rao (Vice President) 2019-2021

Hammond Sun (Director of Strategic Operations) 2017-2021

Adhirath Sikand (President) 2017-2020

Joseph Tsung (Consulting Associate) 2019-2020

Johnny Saldate (Events Lead) 2018-2020

Martin Egeland (External Affairs Lead) 2019-2020

Yi Liu (Events Associate) 2018-2020

Evgeny Bondarenko (Media Lead, President) 2015-2019

Tom Allison (Media & Marketing Lead) 2018-2019

Manmeet Raval (Outreach Associate) 2018-2019

Lok Leung (Outreach Lead) 2017-2019

George Abe (Emeritus Advisory Board Member)

Arleen F. Brown (Emeritus Advisory Board Member)

Jonathon Low (Development Associate) 2018-2019

Marcos Otero (Media & Marketing Associate) 2018

Lining Zhu (Media Associate) 2017-2018

Lindsey Sacco (Social Media Associate) 2017-2018

Lisa Walter (Outreach and Marketing Associate) 2016-2018

Cathy Jin (Volunteer Coordinator) 2016-2018

Radhika Palkar (Event Lead) 2015-2018

Huixuan Liang (Event Associate) 2016-2018

Umesh Ahuja (Fundraising Lead) 2016-2018

Yari Fontebasso (Outreach Lead, President) 2015-2017

Jaqueline Sayyah (Writer, Industry Ambassador) 2015-2017

Mary Donhofner (Social Media Associate) 2016-2017

Charles Caldwell (Outreach Associate, Campus Ambassador) 2016-2017

Julia Zhao (Outreach Associate) 2016-2017

Matt Wong (Chapter Correspondent) 2015-2017

Michael Frantz (Outreach Associate) 2015-2016

Anna Parievsky (Events Associate) 2016

Julian Esteve-Rudd (Chapter Correspondent) 2014-2015

Ben S. Huang (Chapter Correspondent)  2015

Nathan Hutcheson (Chapter Correspondent) 2015