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Informational Interviews

Curious about the careers you can have with a Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD degree in life sciences?

BCLA is here to help you get started in learning about the plethora of opportunities available for those trained as scientists in our Informational Interview web series.

Have an information interview with someone?

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Commercial Insights Manager

Carolina is a Commercial Insights Manager at Amgen. She completed her PhD in bio-organic chemistry at USC, studying synthetic methods in drug development.

Licensing Associate

Radhika is a Licensing Associate at the USC Stevens Center for Innovation. Prior to that, she was a postdoc at UCLA in neuroscience and has a PhD from USC. 

European Global Project Manager

Stefanie is a former postdoc from UCLA and now works at the Fundingsland Group where she is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic long-term medical education plans.

Field Application Scientist

Tom completed a postdoc in neuroscience at UCLA and went on to work for Stemcell Technologies as a Field Application Scientist. 

Senior Medical Writer

Senior Medical Writer with Exelixis.

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