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Upcoming Events

Simple Illustrative World Health Day with Diverse Doctors Flyer.png

BCLA invites you to celebrate the dynamic landscape of diversity in STEM. In partnership with Eli Lilly, we urge you to partake in an evening dedicated to honoring the diverse array of scientists who play a pivotal role in enriching the Southern California biotech community. Seize the opportunity to connect with industry leaders who are keen on creating relationships and amplifying the voices of scientific innovators. This year’s keynote speaker is Christalyn Rhodes–Associate Vice President of Academic Collaborations for Genetic Medicines at Eli Lilly and biotech influencer. Following her keynote address, we will dive deep into an engaging panel discussion, exploring the fundamental elements that propel diversity within the biotech sphere. We look forward to hosting this event and fostering an environment where diverse voices and perspectives are celebrated.

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