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BCLA Consulting

Who we are


BCLA Consulting is a division of BCLA, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, developed by Los Angeles based PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and industry experts from diverse

scientific and professional backgrounds.


Our team provides the highest quality data-driven consulting services to Southern California biotech start-ups, growth-stage companies, and established corporations alike. We benefit from our BCLA network to match the project team’s expertise to deliver valuable insights and solutions to our clients.

Our Mission


To inspire, educate and connect emerging scientists and entrepreneurs to grow and diversify biotech in LA, through our work for the local biotech ecosystem, through the three pillars of BCLA Consulting:

  1. Support local Los Angeles biotech companies and organizations by leveraging the scientific expertise of the diverse talent pool within Los Angeles

  2. Provide training and career development opportunities to local graduate students to jumpstart their careers in industry

  3. Give back to the biotech ecosystem of Los Angeles by supporting events through the funds raised by our services

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