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Oct 24, 2020

Our flagship event is now a virtual networking experience for all students, academics and professionals.

BCLA's 6th Annual Biotech Summit: LA's Evolving Biotech Industry in an Unprecedented Time

General Summit - for all academics and professionals

With a well curated program including a high profile keynote speaker, two panel discussions, breakout sessions and networking components, we will engage our diverse membership base to foster career advancement and promote collaborations between researchers and industry leaders. This year, our program will create conversations around COVID-19 and its impact on the biotech industry and on communities in Los Angeles.

STEM Student Summit - for high school students and early undergraduate students

This program is designed to develop career planning skills for students interested in pursuing a career in biotech and STEM fields. The K-12 STEM Summit will feature a career coach and an ice beaker networking game to facilitate networking in a virtual world. The event also features a career panel and breakout sessions.

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