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BCLA brings San Diego based Superlanet to LA!

On Thursday, April 24th, BCLA teamed up with Health 2.0 and Superlanet to host a networking mixer at Phase Two in Culver City. The event began with guests enjoying appetizers as well as an assortment of beers provided by our sponsor, Broxton Brewery. During this brief reception, guests were able to meet with old friends and network with new connections, including investors, professionals from the biotech industry, startups, and academics.

After the reception, it was time for the presentations from our invited guests and BCLA team-members. First off, the attendees heard from Vice President Adhirath Sikand, who gave a brief introduction to the mission of BCLA: to bring together the biotech community in the greater Los Angeles area. Next, Jessica Santana gave a brief overview of her organization, Health 2.0 as a platform to preview the world’s best healthcare solutions. Adam Lyddane from Superlanet then took the stage to inspire young entrepreneurs with a touching story about how advancements in biotech have affected his family and personal life. ‘The magic happens at events like this’, Adam then said, referring to the importance of collaborations to advance healthcare through biotechnology.

The presentations were then rounded off with Hannah Hackley from Broxton Breweries, whose mission is to bring a family friendly brewer to every corner in America, much to the delight of the audience!

After these great talks, attendees were then able to continue networking and discussing ideas with the hope of perhaps being the next breakthrough in current healthcare problems.

We would like to thank our sponsors and team for making this event possible, as well as all of the attendees for coming out to help the biotech community in LA grow and flourish.

If this program or other BCLA events have helped, inspired or propelled your business or career forward, we want to know! E-mail us at with your story, we would love to share it on our website.

For more information of Superlanet, click here

For more information on Health2.0, click here

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