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Catalyzing New Ideas at the Biotech Entrepreneurship Coalition Seminar

On Thursday, October 12th, BCLA and Lab Launch presented the first BEC Seminar of 2018. The event was hosted at USC, Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience, where nearly 50 attendees enjoyed a talk on Data Science & Artificial Intelligence in Bio Sciences over pizza.

The featured speakers were Nardo Manaloto, CEO, and Dr. Wen Dom browski, CCO at CATALAIZE, an emerging tech accelerator advising and connecting technology innovators, investors, healthcare organizations, and other industries to help them succeed. Nardo is a healthcare technology executive with 25 years of management and consulting experience. He aims to solve healthcare challenges using innovation, user-centered design, and business service and technology architectures. Dr. Dombrowski is a geriatrics physician executive with a unique perspective in bridging clinical, technical, business, design, ethics and policy expertise.

In our ever-changing world where technology is constantly advancing, the development of artificial intelligence is the future. The application of AI in the field of healthcare is only at the beginning, but the doors are open for rapid growth. In this very insightful talk, our speakers explained how the convergence of data science and artificial intelligence is shaping the world of bioscience today.

We would like to thank our event sponsors HTE@USC and all our attendees for coming. We hope this seminar was able to inspire you and spark new ideas!

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