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Tanya Petrossian shared her experiences of transitioning from academia to the industry at BEC Semina

After last year's resounding success, BCLA is excited to present the 2nd official Biotech Entrepreneurship Seminar Series. Seminars occur monthly in different locations around the LA area, and are organized by Lab Launch and BCLA.

This year's first seminar was held on October 10th at USC, featuring Dr. Tanya Petrossian, CEO of EndoCyclic Therapeutics, Entrepreneur in Residence for Mayor Garcetti’s office, and Principal at Building Blocks Advisory Group as our speaker.

Dr. Tanya Petrossian engaged the varied audience in her journey from academic research to industry, from her first job as Global Strategic Product Manager at Affymetrix to her experience as CEO of her new startup, EndoCyclic Therapeutics.

Dr. Petrossian provided input on how to transition from bench to business; helped debating the pros and cons of choosing a big company versus a startup and shared insights about different job roles within the same product development team.

At the end of the talk, Dr. Petrossian emphasized the potential and growth of LA as a biotech hub, inspiring all of us to believe that we will see more opportunities in LA for scientists to pursue careers in biotechnology in the near future.

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