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Big Data is Taking Science by Storm

Last week at BCLA’s Big Data Symposium, attendees took advantage of the opportunity to learn about data science from professionals in the biotech industry, who work with big data every day. The event opened with remarks by Dr. Alexander Hoffman (UCLA), and followed with an insightful and inspiring keynote lecture by Dr. Paul Fu (LA BioMed), who emphasized how science is being driven more and more by big data.

The morning session also featured a panel discussion led by Dr. Amy Hurwitz. During the panel, invited big data experts Dr. Matt Michelson (Evid Science), Dr. Leah Vriesman (UCLA), Brian Cohn (Kaspect), and Dr. Philip Uren (Episona) each addressed a wide variety of topics from big data’s practical applications and challenges, to how anyone can enter the world of data science. To conclude the program, the UCLA Career Center gave the audience a few useful tips on how to network professionally, before everybody proceeded to a lively networking lunch at the CNSI lobby.

As always, we would like to thank our guests for attending and our sponsors CNSI, UCLA Graduate Division, UCLA Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, UCLA BRI, UCLA Career Center and Episona for their support. We look forward to seeing everyone again at our events in 2017!

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