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Webinar with Lauren Celano: Adapting your Job Search to the COVID-19 pandemic

On April 17th, 2020, BCLA hosted another successful webinar on the topic “Adapting your job search to the COVID-19 pandemic”. We were thrilled to bring Lauren Celano, Founder and CEO of Propel Careers, to support our bioscience community. Lauren suggested that job seekers adapt their job search to the continuously evolving job market. With more than 30% of jobs filled through LinkedIn, Lauren focused on this platform.

First and foremost, crafting an impressionable online presence and showcasing your experience, skills, and interests are the key! According to Lauren, this empowers the recruiter to make a confident decision about you as a prospective hire. She highlighted that you can make your profile stand out by effectively conveying your passion. LinkedIn is also helpful for conducting effective informational interviews. Lauren recommended very helpful tips for virtual interviews such as informing your household to avoid interruption. Finally, Lauren recommended using this time to get clarity on what you are looking for and take advantage of online tools to empower you on your job search.

Lauren invites anyone wanting additional guidance to connect with Propel Careers, which offers support, coaching and connections. We thank Lauren for her time and insights for job seekers as well as to our engaging and growing bioscience community that made this webinar a success with over 130 attendees!

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