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BEC Seminar 2 coverage

The ultimate marketing strategies for health and bio startups at the Biotech Entrepreneurship Coalition Seminar

On Thursday, November 15th, BCLA and Lab Launch presented the second Biotech Entrepreneurship Coalition (BEC) Seminar of 2018. The event was hosted at UCLA California NanoSystems Institution, where people from both industry and academia enjoyed a talk on “Marketing Strategies for Health and Bio Start-ups”. Our featured speaker, Boriana Atanassova, is an experienced marketing and website consultant based in the greater Los Angeles area. After Boriana obtained her BS from UCLA, she then moved to UCI to become certified in regulatory affairs and compliance. Subsequently, she started working as a marketing consultant focusing on the development and execution of digital marketing strategies for companies long-term sales growth. Boriana is passionate about finding the best technology providers and connecting the dots to improve business efficiency, and accelerate growth.

In this very insightful talk, Boriana provided an overview of specific marketing framework tactics that can be applied to promote the growth of biotech start-ups. She covered the essential strategies elevator pitch, executive summary, business plan and pitch deck. If you missed the event, please check the slides Boriana generously shared using this link.

We would like to thank our event sponsor California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) and all our attendees for coming. We hope this seminar was inspiring and insightful!

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