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Inside Biotech Podcast

Inside Biotech is an exciting new podcast from BCLA, which focuses on the science behind SoCal’s most innovative new biotech companies. This monthly podcast, hosted by Dr. Yewande Pearse, is the perfect way for LA’s biotech community to stay informed about current progress and developments, and features conversations with scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors about the cutting edge science that goes on inside their companies. On Inside Biotech, science story-telling meets big business, touching on a range of themes from across the world of southern California’s biotechnology industry. 


Series 3: The 'A' in STEAM, Art & Design in Biotech

Ep 9 Thumbnail-01.png

Alicia Pandimos Maurer
Lab architecture

Ep 10 Thumbnail-01.png

Rita Blaik
Science and art

Ep 11 Thumbnail.png

Claudia Schnugg
Art & science curation

Ep 12 Thumbnail-01.png

Caroline O’Driscoll
Scientific illustration

Series 2: The Dish on Biotech in Food

Ep 5 Thumbnail-01.png

Ryan Bethencourt

Plant-based dog food

Ep 6 Thumbnail-01.png

Julianne Hummelberg

Growth equity investing

Ep 7 Thumbnail-1-01.png

Ross Mackay

Plant-based chicken

Ep 8 Thumbnail-01.png

Robert Goldberg

Seed genetic engineering

Series 1: Alternative Careers in Biotech

Ep 1 Thumbnail-1-01.png

Kayleen Sabino

VP of Operations

Ep2 Thumbnail-1-01.png

Nadja Oertelt & 

Allan Lasser, SciComm

Ep 3 Thumbnail-01.png

Anna Skaya

Founder & CEO

Ep 4 Thumbnail-01.png

Peter Mponzi

Former R&D

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